Orca ERP Software provides the ability to effectively manage the assembly of finished goods

  • Manual or automated costs built up from original purchase through to custom modifications

  • Categorised as new or used, purchased through direct acquisition or trade-in

  • Comprehensive commission schemes available allowing for custom calculations

  • Reporting capabilities include:

    • Item quantity and value balances

    • Details of item specifications

    • Inventory forecast schedules

    • Costing sheets detailing costs associated with preparing the item for sale

    • Commission document for review and analysis

Orca ERP manages the assembly of finished goods to a standard specification for stock or for one-off items assembled to customer requirements. It keeps track of individual item specifications from the time they are ordered by the customer to the time they are sold.  Orca ERP controls the complete process, from the purchase of a base item, such as a truck chassis, to the addition of all parts, assemblies and labour.  For example, a bill of materials defines all the parts required to assemble a cab that can be fitted to a truck chassis. 

 Parts and labour costs are added via job control. Timesheets are used to allocate employee hours to the relevant jobs. Parts can either be issued from stock or purchased for a specific assembly job. Pre-defined cost margins are used when applying costs to the assembly. 

More importantly, Orca ERP will accurately maintain all costs applied to the finished good item throughout the process, making the correct sales margin instantly available as the assembly progresses.