Orca ERP provides functionality to assist with managing and scheduling services and repairs

  • Service types, required parts and service intervals

  • Fault codes for analysis of repairs

  • Job costing for both internal and external service and repairs

  • Repairs under warranty and free services

  • Track service history and services due

  • Manufacturer’s recalls

Orca ERP facilitates management of the entire service & repair process from taking a service call and tracking the item coming in for repair through to quote, costing and invoicing.

Both scheduled services and ad hoc repairs of either company and/or customer property is catered for. Orca ERP keeps track of scheduled services and will produce reminders when services are due. Service codes and the parts typically required for scheduled services make job maintenance simple.  

Accumulating costs against jobs is a simple process, whether the costs relate to parts, labour, outwork, consumables or sundry costs. Parts can be allocated to jobs in various ways depending on the required process. Job costs and inventory are updated simultaneously. Labour costs are updated automatically when details of work carried out on a job are entered using timesheets. Outwork and any parts not kept in inventory may be purchased and allocated directly to the relevant jobs.

Orca ERP allows for multiple invoices per job and multiple jobs per invoice. A simple allocation method allows for write offs to be processed as part of the billing process, if required.

Full service and repair history can be interrogated, with drill down to jobs and details of the costs allocated to the job.

Comprehensive recall tracking is provided with the initial recall set up recorded for each item and reminders that the recall is due when servicing is scheduled.