Orca | ERP - The highly flexible enterprise management solution for SME clients

With a suite of dynamic modules, rich in functionality and features, that can cater to and grow with most small to medium size enterprises, Orca ERP is your perfect ally when it comes to streamlining and managing every facet of your growing business.

From 1 to 1000 simultaneous users, Orca ERP is ideal for mid-sized organisations that require total data integrity and security to provide appropriate levels of access for all users across the business.

The heart of the software is a fully transaction-based object design which supports multi-company, multi-consolidation and multi-currency with fully integrated modular and functional workflow.


Will Orca | ERP work for me?

Orca ERP will streamline any small to medium enterprise, however Orca by TCS do offer industry-specific features and functions to make it the ideal solution for the following:

Vehicle Distribution- gradient.png










General Ledger

General Ledger- gradient.png
  • User definable reporting structure to allow for analysis at multiple levels

  • Full transactional analysis with drill-down to source documents and transaction sets

  • Regular or on-demand auto-reversing journals and standing journals

  • Reconciliation documents for account control

  • Full foreign currency functionality including forex revaluations

  • Multiple budgets, including budget revisions

  • Updated automatically in real-time


Accounts Receivable- gradient.png
  • Detailed or summarised ageing

  • Credit control allowing for value limits, days overdue or both

  • Reference tracking for all transactions

  • Full document rollback allowing for corrections to processed data


Accounts Payable- gradient.png
  • Detailed or summarised ageing

  • Reference tracking for all transactions

  • Multiple payment and prepayment capabilities including electronic payments

Cash & Banking

Cash and Banking- gradient.png
  • Multiple bank accounts and multiple bank clearing accounts in multiple currencies

  • Currency adjustments for revaluation purposes

  • User definable receipt types and associated processing attributes

  • User definable payment types and associated processing attributes including those

  • required for electronic payment

  • Supports online payments catering for most banks’ electronic banking software


Sales Control- gradient.png
  • Quotes, sales orders, shipping documents and invoices

  • Consolidation of multiple orders into a single shipment

  • Consolidation of multiple shipments into a single invoice

  • Multiple shipments/invoices per order with backorder management

  • Various picking options are catered for

  • Multi-level pricing and discount matrices

  • Promotions allowing for discounts or gift with purchase for a specified period

  • Credits and/or returns processing with authorisation hierarchy


Purchases Control- gradient.png
  • Purchase quotes, orders, shipments and invoices

  • Shipment costing with multiple on-cost allocation methods

  • Linked sales orders with backorders are automatically updated by received POs

  • Inter-warehouse requirements processing


Inventory Management- gradient.png
  • Multiple warehouses and multiple bin locations per product

  • Multiple units of measure

  • Full and cycle counts

  • Batch, lot and/or serial number control

  • Tariff classifications and import duty rates

  • Dangerous goods

  • Build capability provides for stocked and non-stocked kits or assembled products

  • Optional image store for graphical representation of product

  • Full pricing module with unlimited price codes and base formulae

  • User definable inventory groups allowing for analysis and processing by category

  • User definable catalogue structure for product promotional documentation, etc.

  • User definable discount structures at group and/or individual product level


Assets- gradient.png
  • Accounting and tax depreciation registers

  • Straight Line or Diminishing Value depreciation method

  • Record location and important asset static data

Job Control

Job Control- gradient.png
  • Quotes, job costing and job invoicing

  • Parts, labour recoveries, outwork and sundry costs/recoveries

  • Multiple user definable on-charging rules

  • Multiple invoices per job and multiple jobs per invoice

Warranty Control

Warranty Recovery- gradient.png
  • Warranty registrations

  • Internal or external warranty claims with submission of claim to suppliers for

  • reimbursement

  • Allows for free service claims

  • Warranty analysis based on failure codes or faulty products

CRM/Contact Management

Security Profile- gradient.png
  • Manage multiple contacts for debtors, creditors and employee records

  • Customer service calls to track interactions with customer with contact type and

  • classification codes for analysis purposes

Employee Records

Employee Records- gradient.png
  • Linked to user profile to secure email control

  • Integrated links to timesheet control

Hire Contracts

Hire Contracts.png
  • Manage hiring of unique equipment or sundry items

  • Range of hire periods and charges catered for

  • Track availability and location of hire inventory

  • Track profitability of hire inventory including maintenance costs


Audit Control

Auditing- gradient.png
  • Audit record for every record identifying user, date and time created and user, date and time last modified

  • List of all associated documents with drill down capability

  • User definable audit profiles to track and record specific actions on specific records

Multi Currency

Multi Currency.png
  • Catering for group, company and reporting currencies


  • Automated job queuing allows for individual reports or packages to be processed at one time

  • Jobs can be queued to process daily, weekly or monthly

  • Dependent job queuing catered for

  • Supported formats include PDF, Excel and HTML

  • Output to printer, file or emailed to a list of recipients

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence.png
  • Embedded, real-time

  • Various subject areas catered for

  • Ad hoc reporting using analyser

  • Dashboards easily customisable based on site requirements