Orca by TCS solutions are developed and distributed by TimeCost Solutions Ltd. Orca ERP, previously Orca Financial, has been around for over 20 years, addressing a demand from mid-sized businesses for a cost-effective, user-friendly, and highly flexible enterprise management package capable of scaling with a growing organisation.

Our mission is to maximise the business success of our customers through the installation, maintenance and support of superior software solutions that result in faster business decisions based on information, not guesswork.

Our development philosophy is to combine ease-of-use with integrity and reliability. Robust object and relational technologies enable Orca software users to manipulate and access data faster and with ease. A key differentiator of the Orca solutions is the embedded, high performance database and business intelligence tools from InterSystems.

The first Orca ERP installation was completed in March 2000 and the first Orca Hospitality installation was in March 2003. Continual enhancements ensure that the application always stays competitive and up to date using the latest technologies.