Orca ERP caters for the management of hire equipment and contracts, catering for various pricing structures and hire periods

  • Caters for hire of equipment and/or sundry hire items

  • Provides visibility into equipment availability and current location

  • Builds allow for defining items that are hired out together

  • Management of hire bookings and contracts

  • Manage cross-hires, suspensions and lost or damaged equipment

  • Manage maintenance and repairs of hire equipment

  • Provides insight into the profitability of hire equipment

Orca ERP caters for a range of hire businesses from construction or equipment hire through to event hire, with the ability to invoice for consumables and automated damages as part of the process. Hire contracts can be charged on the basis of a duration of time, i.e. hours, days or part thereof, and/or a number of units based on outgoing and incoming meter readings. Builds are used to define items that are hired out together, for example the poles and stakes required for a tent, for ease of contract set up.

 Hire categories can be browsed to search for items, showing equipment availability, the current location of equipment and the expected return date where it is out on hire. In addition, specifications, static data, full history of previous hires and future bookings are stored for each item.

 Hire items are linked to fixed assets showing original and current values as well as full-service history with drill down to jobs. Insight into the profitability of the hire item is easy with all relevant hire and cost data available in one place.