Orca ERP is the ideal solution for enterprises reliant on fast, efficient movement of goods from procurement through to dispatch

  • Multiple warehouses and bin locations per inventory item

  • Inter-company and inter-warehouse transfers

  • Average, FIFO or LIFO costing methods available

  • Paper or wireless picking and binning

  • Directed put away

  • Lot and serial tracking with options to manage expiry dates

  • Landed cost tracking

  • Track shipping and delivery

  • Multiple suppliers and supplier item numbers per inventory item

  • Multiple customer item numbers per inventory item

  • Contact management/CRM

  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Orca ERP caters for all activities involved in moving goods from the supplier to the customer, helping to manage sales from all channels, automate warehouse processes and streamline operations across all departments.

 When it comes to purchasing goods, Orca ERP tracks the true cost of inventory taking into account expenses incurred such as duties, taxes and transport costs, thus protecting your margins and assisting in better purchasing and pricing decisions.

 From a sales perspective Orca ERP caters for sales of inventory across a variety of channels including EDI, APIs, web, fax, phone and email for more efficient customer ordering and service. It allows businesses to deliver a tailored experience for each customer, acknowledging their unique product, pricing, shipping and packaging requirements.