Orca | Hospitality - An integrated back-office solution for the hospitality industry

Orca | Hospitality provides a back-office accounting solution for the hospitality industry with an integration interface for communication with certain front-office applications. Additional functionality is provided to assist with Strata Management if required.

  • Pre-defined ledger and reporting structure to support the industry

  • Back-office accounting designed to integrate with third party front-office applications

  • Manage food & beverage stock holding, including mini bar stock

  • Produce buyer generated tax invoices and investor statements for unit owners

  • Auto allocation of costs with flexible calculation options

  • Room and property analysis


Designed to work in harmony with hotel management systems

Orca | Hospitality is designed to operate in conjunction with a front-office package such as Clarity Hotel Manager and StarFleet. When installed with Clarity Hotel Manager, it can be configured to use the same server, database and database-user licences as Clarity Hotel Manager.



General Ledger

General Ledger- gradient.png
  • User definable reporting structure to allow for analysis at multiple levels

  • Regular or on-demand auto-reversing journals and standing journals

  • Reconciliation documents for account control

  • Full foreign currency functionality including forex revaluations

  • Multiple budgets, including budget revisions and forecasts

  • Updated automatically in real-time

Sundry Debtors

Accounts Receivable- gradient.png
  • Detailed or summarised ageing

  • Credit control allowing for value limits, days overdue or both

  • Debt collection control with overdue letters, call tracking and automated follow ups


Accounts Payable- gradient.png
  • Detailed or summarised ageing

  • Multiple payment and prepayment capabilities including electronic payments

  • Comprehensive purchase and expense analysis

Cash & Banking

Cash and Banking- gradient.png
  • Multiple bank accounts and multiple bank clearing accounts in multiple currencies

  • Currency adjustments for revaluation purposes

  • User definable receipt types and associated processing attributes

  • User definable payment types and associated processing attributes including those required for electronic payment for both direct debits and direct credits

  • Supports online payments catering for most banks’ electronic banking software


Purchases Control- gradient.png
  • Purchase quotes, orders, shipments and invoices with authorisation hierarchy

  • Shipment costing with multiple on-cost allocation methods

  • Inter-warehouse requirements processing to cater for stocking mini bars


Inventory Management- gradient.png
  • Multiple warehouses per product allowing for management of central stockholding and mini bar stock

  • Multiple units of measure

  • Full and cycle stock counts

  • Batch, lot and/or serial number control


Assets- gradient.png
  • Accounting and tax depreciation registers

  • Straight Line or Diminishing Value depreciation method

  • Asset Registers including allocation to employees and locations

  • Asset revaluation.

  • Insurance classification, valuation and reporting

  • Market valuation recording

Standard Features

Audit Control

Auditing- gradient.png
  • Audit record for every record identifying user, date and time created and user, date and time last modified

  • List of all associated documents with drill down capability

  • User definable audit profiles to track and record specific actions on specific records

Security Control

Security Control.png
  • Profile based security with users linked to menus, and access rights

General Features

General Functionality.png
  • Full transactional analysis with drill-down to source documents and transaction sets

  • Reference tracking for all transactions

  • Full document rollback allowing for corrections to processed data


Reporting- gradient.png
  • Automated job queuing allows for individual reports or packages to be processed at one time

  • Jobs can be queued at various intervals, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly

  • Dependent job queuing catered for

  • Supported formats include PDF, Excel and HTML

  • Output to printer, file or emailed or faxed to a list of recipients

  • SMS messages

Document Management

Document Management.png
  • Allows for documents to be loaded against accounts, documents and codes

  • Category codes enable the classification of documents to assist with document management and searches

  • Stored documents can be viewed and maintained

Business Analytics

Business Analytics_new.png
  • Embedded, real-time analytics that can easily scale for growing data and user volume

  • Open analytics enabling seamless interoperation with other systems and tools

  • Ability to incorporate advanced analytics into real-time processes

  • Business Intelligence (BI) allowing for customisable dashboards and ad hoc reporting

  • Multiple data models and subject areas catered for

  • Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of third-party and opensource analytics packages, e.g. Tableau, Power BI


  • Able to create seamless business processes that connect with internal and external data sources, applications and services

  • Graphical tooling to visually diagram processes, rules, and workflows

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) available for numerous documents including orders from customers, incoming shipment details from suppliers and consignment data

    - EDIFACT and X12 formats supported by default

    - Purchase and Sales documents (ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC

    - Product point of sales and forecast information (PAD/852,830)

  • Set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate integration with third party systems and/or for website integration

    - Accessed via Web Services using either SOAP or REST

    - XML or JSON format

Deployment Options

Deployment Options .png
  • Automated deployment options provide flexibility when choosing a platform:

    - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    - Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    - Microsoft Azure

    - Private Cloud

    - VMware vSphere

    - Pre-existing virtual and bare-metal environments